What is tint?

tint is the smart light system, it is easy to use via remote control, you can connect it to your Smart Home network, or you can let Alexa control the lights.

With tint, you are spoilt for choice!

tint white+color offers 16 million colors in addition to excellent basic lighting in various white tones, making your home even more individual. Vary the colors at a whim, choose your favorite color or decide which color currently suits best to your mood.

tint white ensures light in various tones of white: from warm white light for a cozy atmosphere to cooler working light and active daytime light. Regardless of the white or colour tone, tint can always be dimmed!

tint dimming ensures smooth, warmwhite light that can be dimmed.

If you want to connect your tint product at home, you can start it quickly and easily by remote control.

tint products can be switched on and off very easily with the remote control.

You can choose your favourite colour or a colour to suit your mood with the colour circle.

With the tint remote control, you can select between warm white light and active daytime light by just simply pushing the button.

You also have the option to dim tint by remote control.



tint has six pre-set light scenes for you:

Concentrate on work, enjoy the sunset, careless sleep, relax in the fireplace light, spend a few romantic hours together and let your hair down and party.



tint with your own words: “Alexa, dim the light in the kitchen to 50%!”

tint listens to your words of command: Conveniently control tint by voice, e.g. with Echo Plus by Amazon. Whether you want to switch on the lights, dim the room or change the colour with your voice, ask Alexa if you don’t have a hand free to use the remote control or the app.

You already have an existing smart home system?

tint can also be integrated into popular smart home and lighting control systems based on the Zigbee wireless standard, which makes many other functions possible. tint is compatible with Philips Hue, Osram Lightify and Echo Plus.

Then it can be controlled via an app. You need a compatible Zigbee gateway that links the lights to your smartphone.

You can control tint when you are out and about: Integrated in the smart home network, you can also control your lighting when out and about, enhancing your home security. You can simulate your presence at home while you are on holiday, for more safety. Even if you forget to turn the light off in the morning, you can do this very easily from the office.

tint can be switched on and off fully automatically at the times you desire over the timing control with a smart home system.

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